Item Farming

The Observatory

  • L2, pot/barrels in east room.
  • L1, pots/barrel in slightly eastern room.

Angel Falls

  • Cabinet upstairs in Mayor's home.
  • Pots in stable.
  • Cabinets in item shop.
  • Barrels in well.
  • Chest in well.
  • Pot/barrels downstairs in Erinn's home.
  • Cabinet upstairs in Erinn's home.


The Hexagon

  • B1 (go down left staircase from L1) - Chest.
  • B1 (before boss room, go all the way around) - Chest.
  • B1 (enter from Western Stornway)- Pots.


  • Cabinets in inn.
  • Barrels in inn (back entrance).
  • Pots in well.
  • Barrel in Alanna's home (southwest).
  • Cabinet in Alanna's home.
  • Cabinets in church.
  • Pots in cellar by Petra's home (northeast).
  • Pots in Petra's home.
  • Cabinet in Petra's home.


Doomingdale Forest


  • Pots/barrels in first area.
  • Chest in first area.
  • Cabinets in first area.
  • B1 (go down stairs to southeast) - Pots.
  • Northwestern tower - Chest.
  • Eastern tower- Barrel.
  • B1 (down stairs to northwest) - Pots/Barrels.
  • B1 (down stairs to northwest)- Cabinet.
  • Western Tower (go up stairs from B1)- Pot.
  • Western Tower (go up stairs from B1) - Cabinets.
  • L1 (Princess' room) - Cabinet.


  • Pots/Barrels in stairs by inn.
  • Chest in stairs by inn.
  • Cabinet in northwestern most home.
  • Pot beside northwestern most home.
  • Chest in weapon shop.
  • Cabinet in southeastern most home.
  • Pot by left stairs to church.

Stornway Castle

  • Pots in southwestern tower B1.
  • Pots in western courtyard.
  • Pots/barrels in northwestern tower B1.
  • Pot/barrel in northwestern tower L2.
  • Barrels outside southern door from northwestern tower L2.
  • Cabinets in northern room L1.
  • Barrel in mid-northwestern room L1.
  • Pot to right in middle room L1.
  • Pot up southeastern tower.
  • Pots/barrels in northeastern tower L1.
  • Chests in treasure room.
  • Barrel on left side coming from southern door on L2 audience chamber.
  • Cabinet in Princess' room.

Western Stornway

  • Barrel in guardhouse.
  • Cabinet in guardhouse.


Eastern Stornway

Eastern Coffinwell


  • Pots in front of laboratory.
  • Cabinet/drawer in western home.
  • Barrels in western home.
  • Pots in front of Phlegming's home.
  • Drawer in Phlegming's home.
  • Barrels in southeastern home.
  • Cabinet/drawers in eastern home.
  • Pots to right of armor shop.
  • Cabinets in inn.
  • Barrels in inn.
  • Pots in stairs by Mayor's home.
  • Pots in Mayor's home.
  • Cabinets/drawer in Mayor's home.

Western Coffinwell


  • Chest to left of separate room.

Newid Island

Alltrades Abbey

  • Drawers in inn.

Tower of Trades

  • L1 (southeast & southwest)- Barrels.
  • L2 (south)- Chests.
  • L2 (by upstairs) - Pots.
  • L4 (east) - Chest.
  • L5 (northeast)- Barrels.
  • L5 (northwest)- Pots.

Porth Llaffan

  • Pot by Jona's home.
  • Barrels by item shop.
  • Barrels in item shop.
  • Pots by Mayor's home.

Tywll Cave

  • Chest on far left.
  • L2 (west in large area)- Pots.
  • L2 (south in large area)- Chest.
  • Pot to east in area after L2.

Slurry Quay

  • Barrels on dock.

Slurry Coast


  • Barrels in northwest home.
  • Barrel by armor/weapon shop.
  • Pots in right southwestern home.
  • Cabinet in right southwestern home.
  • Barrels in secret shop.
  • Pot in inn.
  • Pots in northeastern home.
  • Chest in northeastern home.
  • Cabinet in northeastern home.
  • Barrels in Max's tent.


Lonely Plains

  • Barrel/pots in Mason's home.
  • Cabinet in Mason's home.

Heights of Loneliness

  • L2, pots to southwest.
  • L2, chest up cliff to southwest.
  • L7, chest to left of stairs.

Zere Rocks

  • Pots down stairs to right of Petra's home.
  • Pots in Petra's home.
  • Cabinet in Petra's home.


  • Cabinets in northeastern inn room.
  • Barrels to right of central square.
  • Drawers in northwestern (Nanny's) home.
  • Cabinet in right house of three.
  • Pot/barrels in left house of three.
  • Barrels by armor shop.
  • Pots/barrels in shoe shop.
  • Barrels in kitchen of Marion's home.
  • Drawer in Marion's room.
  • Pots/barrels in left room upstairs in Marion's home.
  • Cabinet in left room upstairs in Marion's home.
  • Cabinet in right room upstairs in Marion's home.


The Bad Cave

  • L1- Cabinet in thief's den.
  • L1- Pot in thief's den.
  • L1- Pot in thief's room.
  • L1- Chests in eastern room.
  • L1- Barrels in eastern room.
  • L1- Cabinet in eastern room.
  • L1- Chest up slope after taking left exit.
  • B1- Chest after going down 4 stairs and up 3 stairs.
  • B2- Chest to north, between two stairs.


  • Barrels on deck.
  • Barrels in captain's cabin.
  • Pot/Barrels in passenger's cabin.
  • Cabinets in passenger's cabin.
  • Pots/Barrels in hold.
  • Cabinet in hold.


  • Barrels outside lighthouse.
  • Pot inside lighthouse.
  • Cabinet inside lighthouse.
  • Pot/Barrels on second floor.

Lonely Coast

Pluvi Isle

  • Pots/Barrels down well on small island.
  • Cabinet down well on small island.

Djust Desert


  • Pot/barrel in southeastern home.
  • Barrels/pot in well.
  • Barrel by item shop.
  • Cabinets in inn.
  • Pots/barrel in southwestern home.
  • Cabinet in southwestern home.
  • Barrels by guardhouse.
  • Barrels/pot in guardhouse.
  • Cabinets in guardhouse.
  • Cabinets in dance hall.

Mirage Mahal

  • L1- Cabinet in northeast room.
  • L1- Barrel in northeast room.
  • L1- Pots in bathing chamber.
  • L1- Cabinet in northwest room.
  • L1- Pots/barrel in southwest hall.
  • L2- Cabinet in northeast room.
  • L2- Pots/barrel in northeast room.
  • L2- Cabinets in northwest room.
  • L2- Pots in southwest room.
  • Barrels on left side of roof.

The Plumbed Depths

  • B1- Barrel/Pots in first room to left.
  • B1- Pots in middle of second room.
  • B1- Barrel down stairs from second room
  • B1- Chest by magic door to north.
  • B1- Pots behind magic door.
  • B1- Pots to left downstairs from magic door room.
  • B2- Barrels after taking southern path from entrance.
  • B2- Pot by staircase to bottom after taking eastern path from entrance.
  • B2- Chests after taking first underpass.
  • B3- Pot/barrel to left of entrance.

Ondor Cliffs

Urdus Marshland

Iluugazar Plains


  • Pots in weapon/armor shop.
  • Cabinet in weapon/armor shop.
  • Pots in inn.
  • Pots in northern home.
  • Drawer in northern home.
  • Pots in southern home.
  • Drawers in southern home.
  • Pots in western tent.
  • Pots by item shop.
  • Pots in chief's tent.
  • Drawer in chief's tent.

Hunters' Yurts

  • Pots in southern yurt.
  • Cabinet in southern yurt.
  • Pots in northern yurt.

Mt Ulbaruun

Mt Ulzuun


  • Pots in first hut.
  • Pot in last chamber down stairs.
  • Cabinets in second hut.
  • Chest to right after second hut.
  • Chest down well.
  • Pots down well.
  • Cabinet down well.
  • Cabinet in third hut.
  • Northwest chest from center.
  • Southeast chest from center.


Snowberian Coast


Swinedimples Academy

Swinedimples - The Old School

Cringle Coast

Wormwood Creek

Eastern Wormwood

Western Wormwood

The Bowhole

Wormwood Canyon






  • Pot in item shop: gold
  • Chest in item shop: moonwort bulb
  • Chest in bottom western home: chimaera wing, strong medicine
  • Cabinet in bottom western home
  • Pots in middle western home: gold
  • Cabinet in middle western home: garish garb
  • Cabinet in top western home
  • Pots in mayor's home: gold

The Magmaroo

Khaalag Coast