Chimaera Wing

A tool that can teleport people to places they've been before.

Buy price: 25 gold
Classification: Item

Where to find: Angel Falls (item shop), Zere (item shop), Stornway (item shop), Coffinwell (item shop), Alltrades Abbey (item shop), Porth Llaffan (item shop), Slurry Quay (item shop), Dourbridge (item shop), Bloomingdale (item shop), Gleeba (item shop), Batsureg (item shop), Swinedimples Academy (item shop), Wormwood Creek (item shop), Upover (item shop), Upover, Zere, Brigadoom, Ship
Dropped by: Mecha-mynah, Drackmage, Clockwork cuckoo, Chimaera, Beakon, Hocus chimaera, Dracky