Powerful proponents of the formidable Fource, they can also fight with wands, bows and swords.

Unlock this vocation with Quest 109.

Level 2: Learns Dazzle.
Level 5: Learns Sap.
Level 8: Learns Snooze.
Level 10: Learns Decelerate.
Level 12: Learns Acceleratle.
Level 14: Learns Fizzle.
Level 16: Learns Kasap.
Level 20: Learns Fuddle.
Level 24: Learns Deceleratle.
Level 28: Learns Kasnooze.
Level 31: Learns Kafuddle.
Level 39: Learns Oomph.

Bow Skill
Sword Skill
Wand Skill
Shield Skill