Warrior's sword Steel broadsword
Gigasteel broadsword Fizzle foil
Aurora blade Platinum sword
Dragon slayer Uber falcon blade
Uber miracle sword Fire blade
Inferno blade


Steel lance Gigasteel lance
Celestial spear Holy lance
Trident Gracos's trident
Sandstorm spear Halberd
Lightning lance Storm spear
Demon spear


Divine dagger Poison moth knife
Batterfly knife Dread dagger
Poison needle Falcon knife earring
Assassin's dagger Icicle dirk
Fenrir fang Soul breaker


Staff of sentencing Staff of divine wrath
Watermaul wand Tsunami staff
Lightning staff Lightning conductor
Magma staff Rune staff
Hieroglyph staff


Snakeskin whip Serpentine whip
Sidewinder Spiked steel whip
Gigaspike whip Dragontail whip
Demon whip Archdemon whip
Empress's whip


Steel bar Gigasteel bar
Pillar of strength Slumber stick
Optimistick Ballistick
Xenlon rod


Steel claws Gigasteel claws
Sacred claws Kestrel claws
Kite claws Hammer handrills
Fire claws Combusticlaws
King cobra claws


Steel fan Gigasteel fan
Foehn fan Gale force fan
Tortoiseshell fan Black Tortoise Fan
Feline fan
Fowl fan
Cobra fan
Lunar fan Solar fan


Steel axe Gigasteel axe
Golden axe Moon axe
Full moon axe King axe
Kaiser axe Executioner's axe
Ice axe Avalanche axe


Ace of clubs Uber war hammer
Terra tamper Terra firmer
Terra hammer


Reinforced boomerang Cutting-edge boomerang
Crucerang Razer-wing boomerang
Erazor-wing boomerang Eaglewing
Gusterang Blusterang
Flametang boomerang Banefire boomerang


Longbow Hunter's bow
Hotshot bow Blowy bow
Billowing bow Blustery bow
Purblind bow Blinding bow



Gold platter Platinum platter Empowered shield White knight's shield
Shell shield Steel shield Ogre shield Silver shield
Gigasteel shield Kitty shield Big boss shield
Catty shield White shield
Enchanted shield Ethereal shield
Flame shield Ice shield
Platinum shield Dragon shield
Tempest shield


Steel helmet Gigasteel helmet Hunter's hat Ear cosy
Filigree mask Platinum headgear Gold circlet Star circlet
Mythril coif Thinking cap Tricky turban Thief's turban
Scholar's circlet Raging bull helm Trailblazing bandana Mercury's bandana Malleable mask Papillon mask
Minotaur helm Feathered cap Bunny ears Canny cap Musketeer hat
Mythril helm Cat ears Fur hood Mega-magical hat Happy hat
Pointy hat Golden tiara Spellward circlet
Sun crown Apollo's crown Slood Feather headband


Large-scale armour Silver cuirass Superstar's suit Technicolour tutu Enchanted robes Ethereal robes
Full plate armour Gigasteel armour Saintly robe Fizzle-proof suit
Tortoise shell Tortoiseshell armour Dragon top Sage's robe Flowing dress
Gold mail Platinum mail Tracksuit top Fur poncho Macabre mantle Twinkling tuxedo Princess's robe
Enchanted armour Ethereal armour Cloak of concealment Gooey gear Shimmering Dress Queen's robe Empress's robe
Dragon mail Spiked armour Majestic mantle Tussler's top Prince's pea coat King's coat
Holy mail Sacrosanct armour Dragon dress Flamenco shirt Emperor's attire
Mirror armour Catoptric armour Dancer's dress Fur vest Robe of sweet dreams Celestria's raiment Xenlon robe


Steel gauntlets Gigasteel gauntlets
Enchanted gloves Ethereal gloves
Sturdy gauntlets Heavy gauntlets
Leather gloves
Marquess's mittens Monarch's mittens


Leather kilt Tracky bottoms Dragon trousers
Boomer briefs Wonder pants
Steel kneecaps Gigasteel kneecaps
Blessed bottoms Tussler's trousers
Fancy pants


Hobnail boots Steel sabatons Safest shoes Elevating shoes
Gigasteel sabatons Payback pumps Pixie boots Tricksie boots
Classy clogs Stiletto heels
Highness heels Sorceress sandals
Safer shoes


Strength ring Tough guy tattoo Prayer ring Holy talisman
Raging ruby Mighty armlet Sober ring Contra band
Slime earrings Ruby of protection Full moon ring Rousing ring
Bow tie Utility belt Ring of clarity Catholicon ring
Agility ring Meteorite bracer Elfin charm
Rosary Life ring Goddess ring
Brainy bracer Life bracer Lucky pendant
Spirit bracer Monarchic mark


Strong medicine Special medicine Densinium Gold bar
Superior medicine Strong antidote Hephaestus' flame Enchanted stone
Special antidote Softwort Ethereal stone Astral plume
Lunaria Birdsong nectar Celestial skein Technicolour dreamcloth
Panacea Perfect panacea Sainted soma Lucida shard
Yggdrasil dew Magic water Agate of evolution Sunstone
Sage's elixir Elfin elixir Malicite Finessence
Mystifying mixture Sage's stone Aggressence