112 Ranger Changer

You have been set a challenge by Odval, the ranger you met at the Heights of Loneliness. She wants you to use Toxic Dagger to envenomate three hocus chimaeras and polish them off with poison alone.

- Travel to the Heights of Loneliness and past the first cave area within. Make sure you have a party member who can use a dagger and has the Toxic Dagger ability. Get into a battle with a hocus chimaera.
- Have the party member with the Toxic Dagger ability use it on the hocus chimaera until it successfully poisons the enemy while the other party members defend. Once the hocus chimaera is poisoned, defend with all party members until it dies of poison damage. This will take awhile since the hocus chimaera will use Midheal on itself once its HP gets low, but eventually it will run out of MP. It's also possible for the hocus chimaera to get confused by your charm, but this will also wear off.

Reward: Unlocks the Ranger vocation.