109 Elementary Training

Windy at Alltrades Abbey says you must use the Fource of Mother Nature if you want to join the great fellowship of the armamentalists. He wants you to erect a Wizard Ward before defeating two metal slimes in battle.

- Change all party members to mages and defeat metal slimes in the Quarantomb until they have all learned Wizard Ward. Return them to their previous classes.
- Travel back to the Quarantomb and wait behind the line at the entrance before you get to the stone monument until a metal slime appears. If you wait behind the line without moving, the enemies won't notice your presence.
- Wait to initiate battle when the slime has its back towards you. It will either switch positions around the monument or run off to the right or left. If it switches positions, wait until it switches back. If it runs off to the right or left, give chase. It seems more likely to flee if you surprise it before entering battle.
- If the slime is with another enemy, save your MP and don't bother with the Wizard Ward. It seems more likely to flee when with other enemies.
- If the slime is alone, have all party members use Wizard Ward, then attack the metal slime until defeated. Metal slash and any ability that lets you hit multiple times are helpful to use.
- Repeat until two metal slimes are defeated.

Reward: Unlocks the Armamentalist vocation.