103 Gladiator Graduator

A priest at Alltrades Abbey has told you that a gladiator needs not only strength, but also composure. You must demonstrate this by defeating three slimes using Dragon Slash while you're in a state of super-high tension.

- Have at least one party member with the Sword Skill - Dragon Slash.
- Place coagulants in a party member's inventory.
- Zoom to Angel Falls and get into a battle with a slime.
- Use the coagulant to paralyze the slime so that it doesn't flee. Use another if the effect wears off.
- Use Egg On to psyche up the party member with the Dragon Slash ability until their tension reaches 100.
- Use the Dragon Slash ability on the slime.
- Repeat 2 times.

Reward: Unlocks the Gladiator vocation.