097 Cry Wolf

Brusque Lee at Alltrades Abbey has set you a challenge to overcome if you want to learn the ultimate secret of the martial arts: make five scarewolves quail with a terrifying War Cry before dealing the final blow!

- Travel to Bloomingdale, then travel north, over the bridge, towards the Bad Cave. Get into a battle with a scarewolf.
- Have three of your party members attack while one uses War Cry. Pay attention to the order your party members and the enemy take their turns in.
- If the scarewolf isn't dead, it should only take one more hit by a strong party member to finish it off (depending on your level). You must kill it before the scarewolf takes its turn or the effect of War Cry will wear off. If you paid attention to the attack order, you should be able to choose which party member to attack before the scarewolf takes its turn. If it seems the effect wears off immediately, have a Armamentalist or Thief use accelerate/acceleratle and then defend until you have the attack order figured out.
- This quest is still somewhat based on luck since it seems the attack order of your party can change seemingly at random.

Reward: Slick slacks