034 A Simple Task

A girl called Chuluun from Batsureg wants to know just how simple a Simple Simon and a Simple Simone would be. Attain one or the other accolade and show Chuluun what she needs to see.

- If you have a male hero, make him a priest and equip: Sadistick, Dragon shield, Hermetic hat, Dark robe, Heavy handwear, Blue jeans, Classy clogs, and Utility belt.
- If you have a female hero, equip: Giant's hammer, Boss shield, Minotaur helm, Jaguarment, Gloomy gloves, Classy clogs, and Utility belt.
- Go to the Battle Records menu and Stella will award you the title. You may have to close and reopen it if she doesn't give it to you the first time.
- Go to the Misc. menu, then to Profile Settings. Change your Title to "Simple Simon(e)" under the Accolades menu.
- Speak to Chuluun.

Reward: Veteran's helm